Animal farm

today, we went to the Animal Farm in Forest Park with our friend Steff and her boy. MsSqueaky liked the rabbits, and petting the goat. MrG, who had been excited to go to the farm, was stand-off-ish. MrCuddles was showing his new friend how to sneak wood chips past parentals so you could eat them later.

After that, we went back up the big hill to the playground, where, lots of kids in a summer camp were hanging out and playing. At times MrG was intimidated by the bigger kids running past. MsSqueaky was showing her independence, and, we learned, that she knows how to get into a swing all by herself. She also had fun playing in the water park there. MrCuddles was climbing all around, and was brave enough to get near the chaotic water spouts, but ran back when they started getting him wet.

At home, nap time…MrCuddles kept his brother & sister awake, first, by crying, because he did not want to be in bed. Then, he humored them, I think by mocking his parents, he would shake his head, and then yell “No!” while pointing his finger at them.


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