more playdates!

oh my goodness, I am getting tired.

Or, as MsSqueaky would say, “Hims tie-urd”.  I love her little grammatical choices, “Him’s over there”…  “I getting big”…

So, last night, we went to see SarahStG and her family. I haven’t seen them, since her daughter K was less than one, eating pepperoni in my kitchen whilst I celebrated being 30 years old. Yeah, ten years ago. Well, I don’t get to Holland very often. We went to Magnusson park and there was a little HFS reunion. Most of the time, I spent walking back and forth from Kite Hill to the rocky beach, because MrGrunty wanted to organize the rocks. Or MsSqueaky wanted to go see her mommy.

Today, we went down to hang out with 3 yr old Milo, and his daddy. (His mommy is fighting cancer.) Milo had a wagon, and my three children were very excited to ride in it. Except it would only fit two children at a time. They played at a park. It was cute, there were a couple of big kids, that were running the slide like a business. At the top of the stair, the boy said, “Ticket please”. If one didn’t have a ticket, they were told, “You can go for free this time, but next time please bring a ticket.” At the bottom of the slide the girl said, “Thank you for riding on our slide. We hope to see you again soon.” And if they hadn’t had a ticket, then she picked up a wood chip and said, “Here’s your ticket for next time.”


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