This morning, whilst changing MrCuddles’ diaper, I heard MrGrunty “it’s a dinosaur…roar” and MsSqueaky “RARW!” and then MyBetterHalf fake-yells out, “oh no, help me!!”.  MsSqueaky then said, “No mommy, it’s giving you kisses.”

I took the childrens to Richmond Beach, so that MyBetterHalf could attack some projects. It was close to empty. We had the playground to ourselves. Later, we wandered down to the beach for a bit, and I saw a train in the distance. I told them, and MrGrunty starts running up the hill to get to the bridge to see the train. I told him to wait for us, and he would stop, turn, look at us for one second, roll his eyes, half-a second…and take off running again.

The other day, whilst watching Barney, “Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun” was the song. MsSqueaky’s eyes lit up, she got a big smile, and shook a bit with excitement. Then she started singing along, just a split moment behind Barney. Today, on the way home, she started singing the song, and was upset I didn’t know it. Luckily, thanks to YouTube, the whole family now knows MsSqueaky’s favorite song of the now.

At home, there was lots of papers and magazines to be recycled. I rolled the big blue recycle bin next to the front door, and I watched as MrCuddles & MrGrunty put the papers in recycling piece by piece.


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