Catching Fire – Hunger Games part 2

First, let me go back in time and slap J.R.R. Tolkien’s publisher, because now everybody wants to write trilogies that are basically three parts to one story. But it’s great for business, because you can sell the consumer three $24 books, instead of one big $60 book.

The good. A quick read, which means it must have been gripping. Only a couple of times was I reminded that I was reading. Well crafted yarn. Nice flow.

The bad. I am not emotionally attached to any of the characters. I will read book 3, because MyBetterHalf tells me I need to. But I don’t feel emotionally compelled to finish the story. And yes, to the best of my knowledge all three books make up one story.

Let’s see, also, although dystopia is my cup of tea, the narrator is a 16 year old, who doesn’t really know what’s going on. Much like wanting to learn about WW2 by reading Diary of Anne Frank. (Which, remember, I really liked.)

I see that USA Today called it, “plot-driven”…maybe that’s it. Stories should be character driven. Or  at least I remember the Filthy Critic saying that.


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