These days, Ms Squeaky pronounces Oliver “ahV-uh-Lurr”.

This morning at breakfast, MrCuddles was sitting at the big kid table with MrGrunty & MsSqueaky. MrG instructed, “Don’t use you fingers, Cuddels, you a big boy.” Later, MrG was splashed, and yelled, “no splashing”. MsS asked, “I splash you, Grunty?” MrG just pointed an accusatory finger at MrCuddles. MsS said, “Cuddles, you stop splashing. You a big boy.”  And at the end, MrG had only yogurt left in his dish, but spooned it up, showed it to his sister, “Look, yogurt”. She replied, “I gonna get yogurt, too.”

Last night, MrG, who really likes to go down to the dungeon and bring back one of mommy’s books for him to read, MsS sat on the couch with their new favorite books. I set MrC next to them, and gave him a book. They all were reading, turning pages, telling me the stories. MrG’s story…”And there was a boy, and then there was a lion, and the boy saw the lion” I asked what happens on the next page. “I don’t know, maybe a butterfly,” he replied.

Mr Cuddles vocabulary is growing. (It must be all the online scrabble I’m playing whilst holding him. Kidding. Mostly.) He calls out for “mohlc” (milk) and after taking swig, says, “ahh-dun” handing back the cup. Mr G noticed & informed me, “Cuddles is getting bigger to say ‘milk’.”  His new word yesterday, “bey-BE” and he holds his baby, and will give it a hug, and repeat “huhg” when we tell him. And when we say kiss, he smacks his lips against the baby. Today, after MsSqueaky sang a song, MrCuddles yelled out, “Yay! Skweeky” and clapped his hands.

Today, whilst MyBetterHalf was organizing, I played play-do with the childrens. I only had to stop Cuddles from eating it once. Me & MsS made silly faces. After MsS & MrG left, Mr Cuddles entertained himself by putting it back into containers, while I raced to spell out everyone’s names in play-do.

Yesterday, when MrG was sitting on the potty, reading his favorite book, that he purchased from Costco because he has ten stickers, MsS & MrC and MyBetterHalf were outside. They picked some strawberries. MyBetterHalf somehow, saved three strawberries for MrG. When MrG saw there were three strawberries on the table, he immediately gave one to MrC, who scarfed it. And was about to give one to MsS, until he was informed they already had some strawberries. Then we went up to the garden area, they picked a few beans, and cherry tomatoes, and I picked trespassing blackberries for them. They can not get enuff of the black berries. And MrC picked his first green bean on his own.

This year’s garden, better than last year, and I am happy that my childrens enjoyed picking and eating from it. Next year will be even better.


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