The Lady and the Unicorn

So…trying to branch out a bit in my reading. Picked up Tracy Chevalier’s The Lady & the Unicorn, one of MyBetterHalf’s books. It follows the stories of the people involved with the making a set of tapestries. The technique she uses, is that each chapter is told by someone different, for all the different stages of the making. I learned a bit about the making of tapestry, and that got me to thinking…

Once upon a time, when I was young, a teacher told me that “art” could not be made by committee. Not knowing much, I didn’t argue with either “film” or “opera”. I never knew that the tapestry was a committee job, an artist to design it, a comic-drawer to reproduce it – backwards, for the weavers, and many weavers to finish it.

A quick fun read. I liked it.


2 Responses to “The Lady and the Unicorn”

  1. Speaker For The Dead « Getting Better All the Time 4.0 Says:

    […] the voice was always the same narrator. Tracey Chevalier did a much better job of this technique in The Lady & the Unicorn, where each chapter had a distinctly different […]

  2. The Virgin Blue « Getting Better All the Time 4.0 Says:

    […] me start by saying, I loved her novel, “the Lady & the Unicorn“. Loved […]

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