Spokane, Sept 2010

We went to SpoVegas to visit the inlaws, and for a Celebration of Life for one of MyBetterHalf’s aunts who recently passed away.

I attempted to get to work early, and put in half a day of work, and then wanted to work half a day when we returned, because my vacation time is really low. Naturally, I decided to sleep in, and the childrens let us sleep in, too. It felt good. And they are such cuties, I was in no hurry to see them.

We played with cousins Ke, Da, Co & Mo, often at parks.

Me, MrCuddles, MsSqueaky, cousins Co & Mo got to play in bounce house! At first, MsS was very nervous, and didn’t like it, and she left, while MrG was having fun. But she saw her brother, and returned, and she started to have fun too. I had to remind Cousin Co to be careful of the little ones a couple of times. It must have worked, because when two older kids joined us, Cousin Co immediately went up to them and told them to watch out for his cousins! Co, Mo, MrC & MsS also took a little train ride.

MrCuddles took a lot of punishment. One night he slipped and hit the back of his head on a brick, his Uncle R saw it, and his Uncle R had a very scared look on his face. I took hold of my screaming boy, holding him, and explained to Uncle R, “the first thing about parenting…if they are screaming, they have plenty of oxygen and they are conscious, both of those are good.” Then Uncle R noticed blood on the back of MrC head, and Uncle R looked nervous again. “The next thing, is that head wounds bleed a lot. That’s much blood for a normal wound, and so hardly anything for a scalp wound.” I instructed Uncle R to build an icepack, and we tried to bring down the bruise. MrC did not want ice on his head, and soon he was off running and playing. The next day, MrC was yelling and crying and caught in a tube at the playground, I went to rescue him, noticing that there was blood. He had gotten a bloody nose. And when we got home, MrC was so excited to see the kitties, that he ran, and slipped on the hardwood floor, giving himself  what would be a black-eye the next morning.

Bed time seemed to go decently, except MrC would scream, because he IS a big kid, and he does not like to be in the playpen. MsSqueaky & MrGrunty would get on the big bed, with me in the middle, and they would fall asleep next to me. Surprisingly, the childrens did not wake me during the middle of the night with their noises, like they did last time we all shared a room.

At the Celebration Service, it was cute, MsSqueaky was playing with a kindergarten age cousin, wheeling around a shopping cart and a doll, while MrGrunty was watching the pre-teen boys & Uncle R play pool. Already, we have the gender divisions. I was happy that later, MrG took a turn wheeling the doll around the house.


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