birthday parties

Yesterday,…trying to get the childrens a nap. I thought they were asleep, so I snuck out of their room. (Because they like papa to stay for a few minutes). A few minutes later I heard running, laughing, giggling…when I went to check on them, MrG & MsS had loaded up MrCuddles crib with toys, including two babystrollers. I kicked the big kids out, had them sit on the couch, and MrCuddles screamed for a minute, until he fell asleep. I explained MrCuddles is a toddler, and he needs his sleep.

Half an hour later, I took the childrens to a B-day party for a three year old boy from their pre-school. It was at a McDonalds with a huge play tower/collection of tubes and slides. I swear, some tubes were at least a dozen feet in the air. We place our gift bags on the table, and went out to find the b-day boy, when MrG saw him, MrG ran back to the gift table, and imploringly had to take the gift bag to the b-day boy.

And then they were on. There was a tower, and MrG quickly and happily climbed to the top. MsSqueaky climbed up one level, but got nervous, and came back. But then, she went up one of the tubes, and like a gerbil in a habi-trail, she was gone. She barely came down for food. I think only because B-day boy’s mom told him to get down, and MsS was hanging out with him.

MrCuddles tried to climb up a tube, and a slide, and was interested in all the new stuff to look at, and the big kids running by. And soon we had cake & ice-cream…which he ate by the fistful. And more playing, but MrCuddles was bored, and wanted to go explore the restaurant. And was none to happy that I insisted that I go with him.

I took the long way home, because I wanted them to get some bit of a nap, and nap they did on I-5.

We met up with MyBetterHalf, who had seen a show with KellyKelly that afternoon, and we were going off to b-day dinner for MyBetterHalf and a bunch of our friends at our usual after-church Mexican restaurant.

MrCuddles was not happy. He didn’t want his food. He didn’t want my food. He even threw french fries at the pastor’s-husband. He was only happy when I was holding him, and we were outside. I was proud of him, he has learned to say, “dog”, and I was teaching him the difference between bark & moss on a tree. He liked to say “bark”.

Tonight, I was singing “Snuggle Puppy” to him, and at the “oooooooooooooo” part, he puckered up his lips, and tilted his head up a few degrees and with a gleam in his eye, sang along “ooooo”. MrGrunty thought that was great, and we three boys spent five minutes singing “oooooooooo”.


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