I got home tonight, and MsSqueaky announced to me, “You wanna go to the park” with a big grin, holding my hands, and trying to have me carry her.

At the park, there were some big kids, and so my childrens were a bit shy. But MsS and MrGrunty ran around, sometimes making jokes to each other. MrCuddles, was just running, and would look at me, and when saw my gaze, would turn away, laughing and running. It was pretty easy to catch him, because he has short legs, and the uneven ground caused him to fall very often. And he would giggle and laugh even more when I caught him.

I tried to teach him to climb the stairs, and go down the little slide, all by himself. I think MsS was doing that at his age.


2 Responses to “tonight”

  1. Heather Says:

    He goes down steps by himself. He just doesn’t seem so interested in the slide though.

  2. :-jon Says:

    Mr Cuddles did say “weee” on the slides when we were back in Spokane in Sept.

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