Happy 19 months Mr Cuddles

Happy 19 months, MrCuddles!  Let me remind you of all the fun we had today.

Well, I pulled myself out of bed, a few minutes before 8am, you mommy had let me sleep in, whilst hanging out with you, your brother & sister. And somehow, we were in the kid-mobile, and on the road by 8:34AM. Yeah, evidently children move quickly when a parent asks “do you want to go to see TheBigRedDog”.

We went to the Seattle Children’s Museum to see Clifford, the Big Red Dog event. You never got to see Clifford, because you were having too much fun playing with the replica market, replica bus, replica taco-stand. You liked it when Clifford showed, because all the big kids and their parents left, and you had less people in the way to play with your stuff. You played with a big bead-maze with a girl, who was about your age. It is funny how when with strangers, parents seem to swoop in and have their children be super polite, “it’s time to let the other kid play” if one starts grabbing for something. You guys got along alright. And then you went to the little slide, had fun going down it when I put you on it, but spent five minutes walking up and down the stairs to the slide.

We were about to leave, but headed into the book room, and our family had it too ourselves.

Outside, we went to the fountain. You started running, when you heard “fountain”. You like to run away, and even more when I chase, saying “I’m gonna get you”.

You took a power nap on the way home.

We got ice cream, which because of your older siblings, we ate on the deck. And then we laid down for nap. Naturally, your siblings had plenty of reasons to get back out of bed. But eventually, they settled down. I suddenly was woke by you yelling, “Swee-y! Swee-y!” and that got MrGrunty up, and you two were making faces and making each other laugh. I told him to go to the living room, and took you there. At least MsSqueaky was napping.

That evening, we went to the beach. First we played on the playground toys. And you were amusing, squatting down, a bit of muffin in each hand, bending over to sip on the smoothie. Then we went down to the beach. And soon, we saw a train in the distance, so we had to go back to the bridge to watch the train pass underneath.


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