This morning, MyBetterHalf had a memorial service to attend, and I went to church with the childrens.  MrCuddles did NOT want me to leave him in the nursery, (last week, he found his own way to the  nursery, went in, pulled up a chair and sat at the table.) MsSqueaky, being a good sister, stayed with him…or maybe she just wanted to play with the toys. MrGrunty and I went up to the balcony, and he read a childrens Bible. He walked about halfway down the aisle by himself for the childrens bible minute, but then turned and called to me. Then we went to his class, I introduced him to his teacher in the Pre-school room, and left. MsS seemed to be having fun in the nursery, so I left her there. It was good for me, and maybe even for them, for the twins to be in different classrooms. And after church, MsS went looking for MrG, and when she found them they  both squealed with joy.

I had a wonderful afternoon of arguing politics with Newscat. She was amused when I dropped the F-bomb around my children regarding certain politicians who call themselves Christians. Sorry.

MyBetterHalf had a book club, so I took the childrens to the new Hamlin park. They were excited to see new playground stuff. And run on the new baseball field. We went on a walk through the woods, it was getting near twilight, and overcast and slight drizzle. Naturally, I was thinking about mythical monsters. And of course a occasional bear that shows up in Shoreline. Luckily, for my peace of mind, the childrens all stayed close together (which, I admit, would make us vulnerable to a Fireball).

Cute stories…

When the older two would get too far ahead of us, MrCuddles would call out, “Swee-eeee, Swee-eee”.

There was a sculpture, MsS climbed on, MrGrunty was having trouble. MsS instructed whilst giving an example:  “Grunty, you can put your knees here, like this, and then you can sit down.” And he did.

Later after dinner, we were reading a book. There was  a picture of a boy doing a “Cannon-ball” style dive into a pool. MrG said, “Look papa, he’s pooping in the water.”


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