walk in the woods

today, we took the childrens on a little walk in the woods.

I was very excited by all the colorful (orange, white, brown, blue…yes blue) mushrooms and fungi. And of course, the scary, when MrGrunty touched one, we told him to not touch them, and then he put his fingers in his mouth. It was fungi week, looks like. Guess that is the same season as bjillions of spiderwebs everywhere. MyBetterHalf tells me that MrCuddles went up to a web, grabbed the spider, and then he freaked out. At the park, MsSqeuaky went into the baseball dugout, and called out to us, “hurry guys, the get in the fort, the monsters are coming.”

More fun, me & Pablo went to the dump to get rid of some of my stuff. Then after, we went and chatted for about two hours at a BBQ joint, about politics, religion, music, funerals,…

speaking of…for my funeral, or memorial service, which ever it is, what I want is:

  • guests to wear comfortable clothes
  • have someone sing Helmet’s “Unsung”
  • serve Thai style curry
  • play a recording of me telling “the string joke”
  • everyone sing “Day closer to death”

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