Harvest Fest

Today, I took the childrens up to Sky Nursery for their Harvest Fest.

First, I let them go through a tree made from potted small evergreens. Then we looked at the goats. We had popcorn, and apple-cider, and hot-chocolate, and saw turkey’s, and had cookies. MsSqueaky & MrGrunty were wanting to have their faces painted, until they were sitting on the chair, and a stranger started talking to them. They didn’t want to be there. I put MrCuddles there, to have a dot painted, just to show his big siblings how easy it was. Well, he wiggled a lot, and got a pink dot, but didn’t look like he was enjoying himself, so the MrG & MsS didn’t get the face paint.

But the part they liked best, was the hay fight. There was a “build-your-own” scarecrow, and my children were playing in the hay tossing it on each other, and in the air. MrCuddles got some in his face, and didn’t like it. I went to rescue him, and then the childrens started covering me with straw. Or hay.

We were very happy that some of their friends (James, Fin, Andre) could join us.

MyBetterHalf was cashiering at a big sale.


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