Mr Cuddles is starting to sing along with songs, sometimes, even almost singing the right word at the right time. “ah heh leh heh ah leh sta” (TwinkleTwinkle) or “mine” in the Snuggle Puppy song.  (MsSqueaky also does this to the Dora theme song, but it has lots of words and is fast, she gets most of the words, but sometimes she’s a microsecond behind.) MrCuddles likes peaking around corners, and when we ask, “where’s he at?” he’ll lean, bending at his side, and get a big grin on his face when we can then see him. Last night, MrCuddles started helping take dishes from the table to the kitchen after dinner, we clapped for him, and told him he was very helpful, he was very proud to be “hopfa”. At daycare, the other day, I noticed, he’s helpful there too, the teacher will give him a cup, “take this to A….take this one to B” and he does.

Yesterday, MsSqueaky woke before her brothers from their nap. I asked if she wanted to help me build a desk. You see, I’ve had this desk from the in-laws for at least a year. Finally, put it together. I would the screws in position, and then MsS would use the screw driver. By the third screw, she was assembling it, using the washer, and then aligning the screw.

The other day, reading a Children’s Bible with MrGrunty, he pointed to a picture and asked if that was God. No, God’s not on that page. He flipped a few more pages, pointing, asking. I told him, “God’s everywhere.”  “God’s everywhere?”   “Yeah, God’s in your room, and God’s with us right now, and God’s with mommy right now. ”   “oh”   I then said, “I love you God.”  And MrG repeated, with a smile, “I love you God.”


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