Last week, I took the three childrens to get their flu shots. I decided to be honest, and tell them that they would be getting shots. MsSqueaky was very upset, almost to tears, pleading, “I don’t wanna go to the doctor, I wanna go to the dentist!”

That morning, MrCuddles was showing off his language skills. He asked, “where mama go?” I was sure that was his first three word sentence, but MyBetterHalf reminded me he’s been saying “I get book” for a while. And then, I was singing the Dora theme song, and right after I sang “Swiper no swiping” MrCuddles said, “ah mon”. He did it with MrG & MsS too, all were entertained.

At the Doctor…whilst we were waiting, MsSqueaky got up, and said, “I be the doctor and I give you a shot” to me. She told me, “You stay here, you don’t cry,” and pushed on my arm with her fingers. I asked for a bandaid, and she pulled a pretend bandaid from a pretend draw on the wall. “Here you go. You get a sticker” and then she got me a pretend sticker. She then did the same to MrGrunty. After that, I asked MrGrunty if he was going to be a dentist, with a grin, he said yeah, and had me open my mouth so he could look at my teeth.

Finally when it was our turn, MrG & MsS got vacination-nasal-spray. They didn’t have infant vacs for MrCuddles, so he has to return.

The other evening, MrGrunty was in our bed at 9:30pm, because he didn’t want to be in his bed. I asked him, “are you doing this, because you know that soon you will be withdrawing from Mommy & Papa and you just want to spend extra time with us now?”   He sheepishly replied, “yeah”.


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