Dear Mr Rossi, part 2

Dear Mr Rossi,

you write in the voter’s guide that “our national debt soared past $13 trillion“.  You then claim that your “plan is simple: Cut the massive growth in federal spending  that has created these huge deficits“, which sounds perfectly reasonable. One question, what massive federal spending are you going to cut? For 2010, according to Wikipedia*, federal receipts were ~$2.4 trillion, and federal spending was ~$3.6 trillion. That means, to balance that budget you would need to cut spending by and/or raise receipts to ~$1.2 trillion. To make your job easier, ~$2.1 trillion already has mandatory spending, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, interest on the national debt.

If you are going to use “cut”, to balance the budget, you only have $300 billion left after the mandatory spending for your discretionary spending. Since national defense is important, we will only cut their budget by 50%.  And all the money is spent. By only “cuts” we would slash military spending by 50%, and have ZERO for DHHS, Dept Transportation, Dept Veterans Affairs, Dept of State, Dept of Education, Dept of Energy, Dept of Homeland Security, National Science Foundation, EPA, Dept of Treasury, Dept of Commerce, NASA, Dept of Justice, Corp of Engineers, and other things that our tax dollars support. Is that OK with you?

Or do you have a plan to raise ~$1.2 trillion more in revenue by presumably lowering taxes? Will it be half & half? When looking at the bloated budget, what are the twelve $100 billion programs that need to be ended**? Give me a few examples, so I can see you’ve put some thought into this problem.

You state that you plan to “Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment” which looks nice on paper. However, I would like to remind you that sometimes unplanned for emergencies come up, such as war (Iraq), national disaster (Katrina), or man made catastrophe (potential destruction of Western Civilization Economy, BP’s Gulf oil spill) , and I really don’t want the federal government’s hands to be tied when money needs to be spent. The constitution is just fine the way it is.

*I don’t need exact, 90% accuracy is good enough, and I suspect that these pages are checked often by both Dems, Repubs, & Independents to make these pages as accurate as any other partisan pages.

**If not twelve $100 billion programs, then how about one hundred twenty $10 billion programs?



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