Dear Senator Murry

Dear Senator Murry,

a few questions for you.

You state, “one of the many reasons our country has fallen into the current economic recession is that too many Americans made uninformed and risky financial decisions. In order to avoid another devastating economic crisis, we are going to have to work to ensure that more Americans have the skills they need to make financially sound decisions”. I assume this means Congress, especially since the  the 2010 budget*  the federal government was spending $1.2 trillion more than it had. What is your plan to deal with this fiasco? Surely it can’t be by voting for a plan the military doesn’t want, that costs billions? If we keep the spending levels the same, we would need to increase tax revenue by almost 50%.  Do you have any plans to cut hundreds of billions of spending from the budget?

*Using Wikipedia, I don’t need exact, 90% accuracy is good enough, and I suspect that these pages are checked often by both Dems, Repubs, & Independents to make these pages as accurate as any other partisan pages.


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