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to MyBetterHalf

30 November, 2010

Dear MyBetterHalf,

if, there is a zombie apocalypse, and you believe me dead and gone, for the sake of our childrens please follow these rules

  1. Don’t go foraging for wild mushrooms. Not worth it. The nutritional content is minimal, the calories minimal. The consequences for eating the wrong one, and they sometimes look like the right one, can be deadly. Personally, I believe that some idiot eating wild mushrooms will actually cause the zombie apocalypse.
  2. I understand, times will be tough, and if there’s some dude that you need for physical intimacy, sure, the normal rules go out the window when there are zombies. But, if you do need to jump his bones, please, don’t do it while you are unguarded in the woods. Unwise. I believe Octavia Butler discussed this in Parable of the Sower. Always have someone on guard.

<this post in response to episode #2 of Walking Dead>


NaNoWriMo 2010

29 November, 2010

I did it.A day before the deadline I finished too. I even had three days of zero words.

Eh, so what. Maybe I’ve out grown this game, and maybe it’s time to move on. I have been tracking progress this past weekend, and when I was making good time, I average 29 words per minute. So, doing the math, NaNoWriMo is only about 29 hours of writing, if I can stay focused. Maybe that’s the challenging part. Staying foc… hey…did you just see that? A shiny thing. I wonder …


I blame the media

28 November, 2010

OK, sure, it’s kinda trendy to blame the media for all the ills in society…but here me out.

I was listening to the radio on the morning commute, DJ on line with a caller, after talking about the state of recession (yeah, this was a couple years ago).

“So, do you still have your job?”

“Yeah, I do, am very happy to have a job these days.”

“Are you doing anything different?”

“Well, we aren’t going out to eat, but staying in.”


Now, I wonder if that contributed? Media tells everyone the economy is bad, and those that don’t know it, because they still have jobs, stop spending, and that worsens the economy.  If the 90% that were still employed, starting cutting back on their spending, if that led to lay offs of more people… ah…will the circle be unbroken.

Actually, I hear that the recovery will be slow, and I think that is good. It is super fast growth, also known as bubbles that got us into this mess.


this morning

27 November, 2010

MrGrunty was singing a song, while playing a drum and MsSqueaky was playing maracas.

“‘and the school it closed today, and the school is closed today’ ….that’s it, it’s a short song. Mommy, can we go sing a song in our room?” he asked. When told left he & his sister went to their room.

“Grunty, we can sing my song,” she said.

“OK,” he agreed.

And MrCuddles is bringing me my work shoes, and taking my pink indoor slippers, telling me “my shoe” putting my slippers on his feet.

puddle stomping

26 November, 2010

One of the first things MsSqueaky said, “Where’s the snow!”  I explained that it melted.

We went to the park, and had the whole place to ourselves. The childrens tested out their rain boots by puddle stomping.

Everything was good, until MrCuddles fell face first into the cold puddle.

Thanxgiving 2010

25 November, 2010

Moonbeam joined us for dinner! She brought yummy expensive fruit salad and the best brownies I have ever had the pleasure of eating

“normal mix…plus reg & dark choc chips added to batter…topped with Hershey kisses…just enough wheat to hold the chocolate together”

OliverKitty celebrated, by hissing and swiping at Moonbeam.

Just before bedtime, I noticed kitty food was low, so I got some more. Too lazy to find a scoop, I planned on pouring it…wow…super over-filled bowl. Sophie kitty trotted over. Then scowled at me, I had given her a heap of the diet food by mistake.

Today, I looked under the snow in my garden, and pulled up the last of the harvest. Some cabbage and carrots. Actually the best looking carrots I got all summer. Looks like patience is a key to farming. I was very excited.

waking up & a bad day

24 November, 2010

This morning, the childrens did not wake when MyBetterHalf left. A half an hour later, MrGrunty shuffled out, went straight to our bedroom, and crawled into the bed.

A bit after that, MsSqueaky woke, and went to the living room. She left their door open, and I heard MrCuddles calling out, “Where Sqwee-ee go?” I went in, and asked him where his sister was. He pointed at the door and said, “Sqwee-ee go thair”. I picked him up, and we snuggled for a minute, then he looked up at me and said, “I wan molk”. I asked him where the milk was, and he pulled my finger, leading me to the kitchen.

When it was time to watch a show, MsS asked her brother if he wanted to watch a show, he wanted Diego. I asked which episode they wanted. They came to an agreement, Mr G asking his sister, “you don’t like iguanas?”  she replied, “No. This is Diego not Dora.” I think there was a bit of give and take in their consensus, one picked the show, the other the episode.

MsSqueaky was getting hungry, and wanted her mommy to give her cereal, I said mommy went to work. MsS giggled and said, “that’s silly.”

Cute sayings:

  • MsS, “Papa, I was a baby tomorrow”
  • MrG, “papa, in eleven minutes the pee is gonna come out”
  • “touw-uh!!” , MrCuddles as we were making a tower with blocks
  • MsS and MrG play a game, she’s the mom, and he’s the baby. They take turns initiating the game. And when he’s the baby, he says “muh-mah” in a cute French accent.

They found another game, they fix the floor puzzle purposely wrong, and that completely cracks them up with laughter.

MrG asked, “Papa, you want to listen to music?”  He had on a drum, and started singing and hitting the drum. MsSqueaky was singing along, she had two sticks that she was rubbing together as her violin. They sang (& MrC joined), “Twinkle Twinkle”, “There There Nicholas”, “Mulbery Bush” and then MrG sang a song he made up:

“And then we can see the dinosaur, then we not scared, and we not scared.  Then we, then we, then we, then we. ” (repeat)


MsS had a fight today, against gravity, and it brought her down. First, to start the day, MrCuddles hit her in the head with the gate. Then she fell and slipped a few times in the living room and hallway, she took a tumble while washing her hands and hit her head in the bathroom, Mr C dropped a book on her, MrC dropped cars on her. And to top it off, our little girl is a bit sick.

Remember in the long-long ago, MsSqueaky would want a towel laid out perfectly on the floor, and straighten it for a long time, eventually getting frustrated. Well, MrGrunty wants his sticker page to be arranged perfectly, and if I mess up the font or location of the last item, he throws a fit and demands I make him a new one.

snow walk

23 November, 2010

It took about an hour to package…I mean…bundle everyone up for a walk in the snow this morning. Sun was out, wind chill was low. It was beautiful.

Previously, one day, for some reason unknown to us, MrGrunty put a pair of pants over his pajama pants. When we found out, we asked him about it, “MrG, why did you put pants on top of pants?”   He found that funny, and still, if we say “Pants on top of pants” he and MsSqueaky will laugh. But to keep them warm, we had them wear two pair of pants today.

MrCuddles, interested, but slipped and fell on his face, and wanted to be held the rest of the time we were out there.

We made footprints in the front yard, all over the place. I pretended not to be able to see them, and then followed the foot prints, exclaiming “I found you!” I took MsS & MrG on a walk, about twenty yards away, we were cold and we returned.


first snow

22 November, 2010

Tonight, MrCuddles took his first walk in snow. He had new boots, and shuffled along it. But quickly, wanted me to pick him up.

I kinda wanna go for a walk, you know, just to appreciate how cold it is. but it’s cold and windy. Oh wait, I was standing at the bus stops for 70 minutes tonight. Whew…glad I talked myself out of that.


my puzzle

21 November, 2010

MrCuddles is living up to his name. Many times, when he wakes up, he demands to be held, and wants the parent to stand up and carry him around. “Getup!” he’ll shout while pulling on the shirt, pulling a parent up off the couch.

MrCuddles pointed to the big kid puzzles tonight, saying, “my puhb-ehls”. So, I pulled it down, and we had some supervised puzzle time, he was sitting on the couch, when I put it on his lap, and he did his cute little giggle and dance, so happy to have a puzzle. Then MrGrunty & MsSqueaky wanted to play too, and they got floor puzzles. Me & MrG worked on one, and MyBetterHalf & MsS worked on another. Whenever we finished, we would stand and dance, and sing the Dora-the-Explorer “We did it!” song, making up relevant lyrics. MrCuddles liked to dance & laugh with us.

This afternoon, MrC wanted on my lap, and I got a paper for him and some crayons. He would scribble, look up at me and laugh, get another crayon, repeat.