I asked, “Can I have a treat?”

MyBetterHalf replied, “Have you eaten your dinner and then cleaned up?”

“No,” I sheepishly said.

“Then no”, she told me.

MrGrunty, hearing this told me, “Papa, after your dinner, you can have one of my treats. You can reach the bucket and I will get you one.”


Later, Ms Squeaky sat on my lap. I asked if she wanted a book, but she didn’t want to get up, “Cuddles might sit in your lap”. I told her I would save a spot, and sure enough, as soon as she left, MrCuddles scurried over to sit on my lap. I made room for the two of them, and asked jokingly, “does everybody want to sit on papa’s lap?” MrGrunty rushed over. And so did MyBetterHalf. MrG found that hilarious, and wanted Mommy to sit on his lap.


When it was time to clean up, I asked MrCuddles to put away a book. He told me, “my book ahway there”.



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