election disappointments

I have a couple of things I wish had gone differently this elections season:

First, recently, there was a Rally-to-Restore-Sanity and/or Fear. The Sanity part, had Cat Stevens sing a “Peace Train” song, while the Fear part had Ozzy sing “Crazy Train”. I really wish that Cat & Ozzy would have sang each others songs together.

Second, ….Dear San Francisco… evidently you think that the solution to social ills is banning the toy with a kids meal?  Here’s a solution: parents, grow up and start acting like parents and learn how to say “no” to their children.

Side note, I really hope this doesn’t come back to haunt me in a couple of years. But seriously, when you can’t say no to a kindergartner about a Happy Meal, how do you expect to say no to a teenager about curfew. Happily, when I came home tonight, MrGrunty was screaming because he wanted a lollipop because MsSqueaky had a lollipop. MyBetterHalf explained, they were given a choice of a treat after dinner, and MrG chose a cookie, and had already eaten his cookie. We held our ground, as he screamed at us for a minute.

Later, whilst I was making a mirepoix, MrG wanted a carrot. I gave him a slice.


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