This morning, we took them to get haircuts. This was the first one for MrCuddles, I held him on my lap as the hair stylist cut off his long curls.

After that, we went to a dive of a donut shop. The childrens were very happy to pick their own type of sprinkled donut.

This afternoon, finally I got to take MrGrunty and MsSqueaky to their gymnastics class. I am so proud of them, usually, when in a new social situation, they stand around and observe, but the teacher is good, and they are following along, and smiling big. They start with running, and then walking backwards, walk-sideways, … and by the end they are walking on a balance beam, bouncing on big mats, and doing obstacle course. I am very happy, and I need to have more active play time with them.

Then we went to the King Co Library to watch a juggler. The lesson he had, “if I don’t drop a ball, I’m not learning anything new”.

Tonight, for dinner, I baked the potatoes from the garden, and made a cream-of-Belgian-endive soup on a whim. I liked the endive soup.


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