this morning

Since, I needed to be prepared to teach* about the Garden of Eden, and the Tree of the knowledge of good & evil….we rushed to the Central Market this morning to pick up some fruit, the more exotic the better. MrGrunty & MsSqueaky helped me with shopping, each had their own child sized cart that they were pushing and they would each pick out a fruit, giving us a large variety. We got a couple varieties of apples and pears, and starfruit, tomato & avacado…I was hoping for the horned melon, and I passed on the Buddah’s fingers. As you can easily imagine, they were very cute with their carts.

fruit shopping

*I promised one of the students, that next time she was there, she could teach about Adam & Eve. Class went, alright. I think I had all the kids engaged at some point…food helps with that.


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