Halloween 2010

Thursday, Oct 28th – I went home early from work because of stoopid being sick. I just thought it would be a time to relax, do a few chores, and get to bed early…but I took a two hour nap, and still had to go to bed early.

Friday, Oct 29th – I went home early again. Took a nap. That evening, we took the childrens to N’gate community center for a SpookFest…basically a bunch of pre-schoolers and toddlers running around, playing with a large assortment of toys, a couple of bounce houses (that MrG & MsS LOVED), go carts, things to crawl on.

Saturday, Oct 30th – I slept in, we took the childrens to Rally To Restore Sanity Seattle-version. The childrens loved riding the bus. We watched the crowd for a bit, then went back home. MyBetterHalf took MrG & MsS to their gymnastics, I put Nicholas to bed, he cried for 30 seconds, then I passed out for a two hour nap, and still I needed to go to bed early that night.

Sunday, Oct 31st – Halloween! MsS was a fairyprincess, MrG was a pirate, MrC was a monkey. We wanted to take a picture, but MrCuddles wanted none of that. So I grabbed snack to pacify him, a banana.  I think MsSqueaky & MrGrunty got the concept this year. The first few houses, they were nervous, but soon they learned to say “trick or treat” after the door was opened, and “thank you” after they gave you candy. We met a teenager who was a clown, and she made balloon animals for the childrens, which they hearted. We did a whole block worth of trick or treating. Later that night, they helped hand out candy to kids that showed up to our door.


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