Veterans Day 2010

I had the day off, the daycare was closed. So me & the childrens had lunch with MyBetterHalf.

It was very sweet, when we pulled up in the parking lot, they saw her, and all three of them gleefully screamed “Mommy!” So loud that she heard it through the car, over the engine, and past the grassy knoll.

We made a parenting error. Ms Squeaky & Mr Grunty saw a bag of chips. They wanted it. We let them. They ate the chips and ignored their lunch. We should have known better. Next time, one pack of chips to share, after they have eaten their lunch. Silly parents.

The childrens were shy, when their mommy was showing off their cuteness to her co-workers.

On way home, they fell asleep, for last ten minutes of the drive, and at home, thought they were well rested, so didn’t take a nap.


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