MsSqueaky was outside our door, making tiny whimper around 5:30am. We tell her, if she needs mommy & papa, just to come into our room. We tucked her into bed with us.

about 6:45, MrGrunty was awake, and wanted to go read a book in the living room. So I got up and he and I read.

This morning, I was tossing a ball to the kitties, and MrG wanted to. Oliverkitty was on top of the kitty tower, and MrG occasionally throw the ball all the way up and it would stay up there, MrG was sad, but when Oliver knocked it down, MrG was very happy that Oliver was throwing the ball back to play with him.

We went to a concert, three young (Jr High) fiddlers, playing fiddle tunes. MrCuddles was sorta cranky, so for the first half, he and I wandered around the community center. Then we went in, I found a chair near the back, he snuggled into my shoulder and took a nap.

After, we played on the playground.

After lunch, I took MsS & MrG to gymnastics. I love watching them having fun and following directions and trying new stuff and growing in coordination.

After dinner, we turned on a movie for them. But “Thumbalina” couldn’t keep the three-year-olds awake. They fell asleep a few minutes in. And MrCuddles was happy to have a bag of cheerios, and two parents, all to himself.


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