Four Loko

So, let me get this straight, Washington state is in a huge budget crisis, and the Gov. Chris Gregoire responds with the banning of a subset* of caffinated alcoholic beverages?  Seriously, don’t you have real problems to deal with, Chris?

My understanding, is recently some college kids got very intoxicated, and Four Loko might have been one of the drinks they ingested. Might have. And instead of calling them college kids, lets call them college adults. You know, old enough take a bullet for our country. Old enough to vote. Old enough to buy cigarettes. Old enough to get the death penalty.

I’m sorry the college adults were stupid and almost died. But they are adults, and as such, should have known what they were getting into.

Now some might say, “but GBAtT, what if your child got hurt because of Four Loko?”   I’d be sad.  I’d also be sad if they got hurt because of beer, bullets, or boys (testosterone).

Dear Gov. Gregoire, please spend your energies on the state budget, not on protecting stupid adults from themselves.

*I believe some have pointed out that people have been mixing caffeine and alcohol for a while…Rum & Coke, Jack Daniels & Pepsi, Irish Coffee…



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4 Responses to “Four Loko”

  1. Heather Says:

    Other states are also banning this drink – not just WA state.

  2. :-jon Says:

    I know…but in my continuing interest in states rights, if other states want to be stoopid, that’s their prerogative. I had hoped that WE in WA would be smart.

  3. Heather Says:

    Feds are now looking to ban it.

  4. :-jon Says:


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