this morning

So, the daycare is closed this week.

MsSqueaky was up by 6:10, and MrGrunty was up by 6:20 so they could tell their mommy “bye”. We let MrCuddles sleep, I hope he gets enough.

MsS and MrG were playing a game, they had small brown paper lunch bags, and putting toys in them, and then dumping the toys into a large cardboard produce box that they’ve been using as a bus/train. Then, one of them grabbed a toy that wouldn’t fit, and held it over the bag, “it’s too big! I’m so silly!!” and they both started laughing and taking turns picking up things that wouldn’t fit in the bag.

MrCuddles, he was very upset, because he heard the big kids say, “apple” and he wanted an apple. NOW. He was tugging on my shirt, “ah-pol! AH-POLL!!”.  And then things got worse a few minutes later, when he was chasing me, slipped, and gave himself a bloody nose.



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