One of MrCuddles favorite things is organizing drink cups. At the daycare, and at home, he will deliver cups to the right person, and when it is over, he’ll just line the cups up for aesthetic reasons.

Later, since I’m such a good papa, I gave them curried lentils for their afternoon snack. MsSqueaky & MrGrunty took turns feeding lentils to MrC. MrG exclaimed, “Cuddles loves lentils!”

Today, we went to drop-in-play-time at our church. It was crowded, pro’lly cuz the weather outside was dreary. There was a girl, a little older than MrC, who wanted to play with a doll, but all were in use. I gave a doll to MrC, told him to give the doll to the girl and he did. She was happy. Later, the two of them were having lots of fun rolling a huge ball towards each other.



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