quotes from MrGrunty

It started at 5:30, when MrG stomped into our room. He always stomps his feet early in the morning. “Papa, is mommy at work?”  No, Mommy’s in bed, and he then crawled in with us. We get them to go to sleep at night, saying, “you will get to wave bye to mommy in the morning”.  We are making an effort at having them up by the time MyBetterHalf leaves, it starts my day rolling, and for about a week, MrG would SCREAM if he found mommy had left with him still sleeping.

Today, I told the childrens they were going to the doctor for part 2 of their vaccination.  I asked if they wanted a shot, or “up the nose” (nasal administration). Mr G said, “Up the nose. MrCuddles wants a shot.”

MrG got M&M reward after potty time, and said, “Squeaky, do you want a green M and M like me?” And when she pulled out a green M&M from the big bag, showed him, MrG joyfully yelled, “You got green like me!!”

Right now, MrG and MrC are sitting at the table, eating cheerios, both saying “Mmmmmmm” to each other.


One Response to “quotes from MrGrunty”

  1. :-jon Says:

    Yesterday, MrGrunty pointed to my for head, “Papa, what’s that?” I told him it was a wrinkle. “I don’t want a wrinkle,” he said saddly.

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