song of the now – childrens version

This morning, MsSqueaky looked outside, and then started happily yelling whilst jumping up and down, “it’s sunny out! it’s sunny out!!” Since we hadn’t seen the sun in a bit, we hurriedly got on boots and coats to go outside. Once out there, MrGrunty and MsS went over to an small elevated part of the yard that once had a tree stump, they announced it was their singing spot, and they started singing “Mr Sun”. We called MyBetterHalf and they sang “We love you mommy…have a nice day” together, and then MrG sang “ABC song” and MsS sang “Twinkle Twinkle”. Then we went to the back yard to play on the deck.

MrCuddles is starting to sing along, he’ll sometimes get the last syllable in a slow song like “Twinkle Twinkle”, and if it is a long note like “oooooh” he likes that.

They have a book/music toy that plays the first verse of many classic Disney songs. And the favorite song of the now for the childrens, “Sing, Sing, the gang’s all here”. Tonight MrG and MsS were jumping up and down, singing/shouting along, very excited that I showed them how to find the song so they wouldn’t have to randomly search for it.  (They also correct me, because they are sure the song is “Zee, Zee, the gangs all here”.)


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