snow walk

It took about an hour to package…I mean…bundle everyone up for a walk in the snow this morning. Sun was out, wind chill was low. It was beautiful.

Previously, one day, for some reason unknown to us, MrGrunty put a pair of pants over his pajama pants. When we found out, we asked him about it, “MrG, why did you put pants on top of pants?”   He found that funny, and still, if we say “Pants on top of pants” he and MsSqueaky will laugh. But to keep them warm, we had them wear two pair of pants today.

MrCuddles, interested, but slipped and fell on his face, and wanted to be held the rest of the time we were out there.

We made footprints in the front yard, all over the place. I pretended not to be able to see them, and then followed the foot prints, exclaiming “I found you!” I took MsS & MrG on a walk, about twenty yards away, we were cold and we returned.



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