waking up & a bad day

This morning, the childrens did not wake when MyBetterHalf left. A half an hour later, MrGrunty shuffled out, went straight to our bedroom, and crawled into the bed.

A bit after that, MsSqueaky woke, and went to the living room. She left their door open, and I heard MrCuddles calling out, “Where Sqwee-ee go?” I went in, and asked him where his sister was. He pointed at the door and said, “Sqwee-ee go thair”. I picked him up, and we snuggled for a minute, then he looked up at me and said, “I wan molk”. I asked him where the milk was, and he pulled my finger, leading me to the kitchen.

When it was time to watch a show, MsS asked her brother if he wanted to watch a show, he wanted Diego. I asked which episode they wanted. They came to an agreement, Mr G asking his sister, “you don’t like iguanas?”  she replied, “No. This is Diego not Dora.” I think there was a bit of give and take in their consensus, one picked the show, the other the episode.

MsSqueaky was getting hungry, and wanted her mommy to give her cereal, I said mommy went to work. MsS giggled and said, “that’s silly.”

Cute sayings:

  • MsS, “Papa, I was a baby tomorrow”
  • MrG, “papa, in eleven minutes the pee is gonna come out”
  • “touw-uh!!” , MrCuddles as we were making a tower with blocks
  • MsS and MrG play a game, she’s the mom, and he’s the baby. They take turns initiating the game. And when he’s the baby, he says “muh-mah” in a cute French accent.

They found another game, they fix the floor puzzle purposely wrong, and that completely cracks them up with laughter.

MrG asked, “Papa, you want to listen to music?”  He had on a drum, and started singing and hitting the drum. MsSqueaky was singing along, she had two sticks that she was rubbing together as her violin. They sang (& MrC joined), “Twinkle Twinkle”, “There There Nicholas”, “Mulbery Bush” and then MrG sang a song he made up:

“And then we can see the dinosaur, then we not scared, and we not scared.  Then we, then we, then we, then we. ” (repeat)


MsS had a fight today, against gravity, and it brought her down. First, to start the day, MrCuddles hit her in the head with the gate. Then she fell and slipped a few times in the living room and hallway, she took a tumble while washing her hands and hit her head in the bathroom, Mr C dropped a book on her, MrC dropped cars on her. And to top it off, our little girl is a bit sick.

Remember in the long-long ago, MsSqueaky would want a towel laid out perfectly on the floor, and straighten it for a long time, eventually getting frustrated. Well, MrGrunty wants his sticker page to be arranged perfectly, and if I mess up the font or location of the last item, he throws a fit and demands I make him a new one.


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