Thanxgiving 2010

Moonbeam joined us for dinner! She brought yummy expensive fruit salad and the best brownies I have ever had the pleasure of eating

“normal mix…plus reg & dark choc chips added to batter…topped with Hershey kisses…just enough wheat to hold the chocolate together”

OliverKitty celebrated, by hissing and swiping at Moonbeam.

Just before bedtime, I noticed kitty food was low, so I got some more. Too lazy to find a scoop, I planned on pouring it…wow…super over-filled bowl. Sophie kitty trotted over. Then scowled at me, I had given her a heap of the diet food by mistake.

Today, I looked under the snow in my garden, and pulled up the last of the harvest. Some cabbage and carrots. Actually the best looking carrots I got all summer. Looks like patience is a key to farming. I was very excited.


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