I blame the media

OK, sure, it’s kinda trendy to blame the media for all the ills in society…but here me out.

I was listening to the radio on the morning commute, DJ on line with a caller, after talking about the state of recession (yeah, this was a couple years ago).

“So, do you still have your job?”

“Yeah, I do, am very happy to have a job these days.”

“Are you doing anything different?”

“Well, we aren’t going out to eat, but staying in.”


Now, I wonder if that contributed? Media tells everyone the economy is bad, and those that don’t know it, because they still have jobs, stop spending, and that worsens the economy.  If the 90% that were still employed, starting cutting back on their spending, if that led to lay offs of more people… ah…will the circle be unbroken.

Actually, I hear that the recovery will be slow, and I think that is good. It is super fast growth, also known as bubbles that got us into this mess.



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