River Science at the USGS

OK, had I thought about it, I would have realized that this book was written by committee, for a political purpose. And as such, not very stylistic and sometimes just a boring list of facts, or recommendations. From time to time, the National Academies of Science are asked a question by the government for objective advice on issues.  This time, “what should be the role of the US Geological Survey in regards to the challenges of river science?”

I did get a fair bit of history, starting in 1851 when the US Supreme Court “defined navigable waterways for federal responsibility as streams that served interstate or international commerce” (pg 16). Congress granted funds to USGS way back in 1894 for “gauging the streams and determining the water supply of the United States” (pg 17). The  Federal government was studying biological resources back in 1927  (pg 128).

Probably my favorite part, is a four great figures showing how different disciplines view  a river, Hydrology & Geomorphology and also Biogeochemistry & Ecology .



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