MsSqueaky & MrGrunty have been going to a gymnastics class, (“guy-nass-tix”), and they love it. The teacher is very friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, encourages all the kids, and if they want to sit a part out, she lets them, “that’s OK…you can join us later”, will ask the child again in a few minutes, and when the child joins, thanks the child for joining. (I’ve seen her do that with both of mine.)

so…here’s the routine

  • run across the room (on big floor mat)
  • run backwards
  • frog hop
  • bear walk (crawl on hands & feet, butt in air)
  • snake slither
  • tip toes
  • penguin (walk on heels)

then they get on a little square (to keep them in one location)

  • hands on hips hopping ( “…and FREEZE”)
  • rotate body turning in a circle while hopping
  • jumping-jacks
  • balance on one leg
  • swing arms up & down, then in big circles, then in little circles
  • arms criss-cross in front whilst holding arms out to side, raised, perpendicular to floor
  • helicopter – arms out, then rotate at waste (this one is popular, the kids always ask for it)

sitting on their squares

  • “tuck” – hug knees
  • “Pike” – sitting, feet together, straight out, arms together, point up
  • “Straddle” – legs apart, arms apart
  • “butterfly” – soles of feet together
  • “make a 4 with legs” – one leg straight, the other leg crossed over, foot over knee
  • “draw cheerios” – rotate ankle, then “scoop & eat” – try to bring foot up to nose
  • “table” – on hands & feet, facing up, keep butt up …”raise a hand….raise other hand…foot… give foot a high-five”

Balance beam – she would walk next to a student, as they cross the balance beam, either going forwards or side-ways. What I liked, whenever any child dismounted, all the parents would applaud.

Obstacle course – sommersault down an inclined ramp mat, go over something, go under something, bear-crawl over short parallel bars

Hey, if I did this, it would be a great workout for me.

All in all, nice collection of things for me to do with the childrens. Why did I have to be inspired by a community center? I dunno. I really enjoyed watching them. They had fun.


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