Apple Cup 2010

MrCuddles picked up his pint-size vacuum cleaner, and said, “hev-EE” and then when we asked him he said he was “strong”.

So…we talked about MrCuddles going shopping with his mommy, and we talked about “guh-nass-tix”…. other things happened on Saturday.  After the got back, we all went up to the local grocery to get a x-mas tree.  Before gymnastics, we had a bit of time, so I took MrGrunty & MsSqueaky to help me pick out lights for the christmas tree, MsS did NOT want to go shopping, she wanted to go to “guh-nass-tix” and was crying. Until we saw a firetruck in the parking lot.

After, they wanted to go to a park, and had lots of fun, even stood on the bridge and sang, “I’m a grumpy old troll, who lives under the bridge…Solve my riddle.”  (They didn’t have a riddle for me to solve.) They had to be forced to leave, until they realized how cold their hands were. We went to Central Market, they each had a mini-shopping cart to drive, and picked up an apple pie for Apple Cup.

The football game was entertaining.





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