songs of the now

The White Stripes “Icky Thump” …proving you don’t need a good drummer to rock.

The Foo Fighters “All My Life” …(it was gonna be Cage The Elephant “In One Ear” which is juvenile, kinda the way “RockStar” is by Nickleback, …but the next song had Dave Grohl screaming)

“Home is wherever i’m with you” Ed Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros…though I suspect because it is different sounding, because it is all old-timey…new song / nostalgic sound

“Tighten Up” the Black Keys …my niece K introduced me to these blokes a few years ago

Broken Bells “Ghost Inside”

“Panic Switch” Silversun Pickup …yeah, they sound like the smashingpumpkins


One Response to “songs of the now”

  1. Heather Says:

    I have a few of those songs on my iPod. Well, 3 of them, I believe.

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