the rain

yestermorning… it suddenly started sleeting & raining & winding…I opened the blinds to the back deck, and quickly fetched the childrens to show them the exciting weather. I don’t think they cared.

However, later, MrCuddles grabbed my thumb, jabbered at me, and then pulled me along to the French doors, pulled me down so I was sitting, looked outside and started jabbering.

It is very cute, he is using sentences now. Though mostly we don’t know what he’s jabbering about. But he knows, if it’s really, really important, that he should grab our thumb or finger, pull us to the location, and use a few key words that we understand…such as the kitchen, for “kee-kee” (cookie)  “molk”  (milk) or “nac” (snack).  Other useful phrases, “Keh-ee, NO!” whenever he thinks Oliver-kitty is doing something bad.


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