they grow up so fast

Yestermorn, MsSqueaky wanted to wear a dress over her pants and shirt. I was about to help, but she demanded that she could do it. And after a bit of struggle, she got the clothes on, and proudly said, “I did it, Papa!” with a smile. Then, she went skip/running/jumped around the house, sing/chanting “I’m a princess!”

The other evening, I took MsS and MrG shopping. We looked for Christmas lights along the way, but MrGrunty informed me, “Papa, I getting bigger. I not say ‘Chris-MAS-Lites!’.”  Seems like only a few days ago he was saying it.

Tonight, while driving home from a party, we asked the childrens  how to spell “stop”. We were very pleased when MrCuddles chimed in with the last two letters.

I have a t-shirt from Boston, it has a cartoon, it fascinates MrG. “Papa, can I see the lobster?” (and I stretch out the shirt), “Is that a lobster?… And the lobster is dropping the kids in the hot, hot water?… And the lobster is gonna eat the kids? … I don’t want the lobster to eat me!”  I assure him that lobsters won’t eat him.

Tonight, a bunch of us went to the Tiki-lodge for a surprise caroling to Pablo.


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