After lunch, after church, MsSqueaky & MrGrunty wanted to go to a park. It was a nice looking day, so, we let MrCuddles, and MyBetterHalf go home to get rest. He had a rough night, threw up all over and had to have a late night bath. After the bath, he cuddled up on the sofa, wrapped up in a big towel, resting on his mommy’s chest. I cleaned up his bed, and after a bit, we got him dressed again for bed. He still wears a sleep sack to bed, but it was icky, so we found one of MrG’s shirts for MrCuddles to wear on top of his jammies. MrC pointed out to us, “Guntee shirt”, but we explained it would be OK. He smiled.

Oh yeah, the park. Wonderful sunshine, and the park mostly to ourselves. MsS was fearless at climbing on stuff, even more so after she took off her mismatched mittens. (MrG wanted to wear two different mittens, and got his sister to trade one of hers with him. ) We found a frisbee, and tossed it around, MsS is very good at it. And then we took the frisbee to basketball court, to try and make baskets.

When we got home, we put MrG & MsS to nap in Mommy & Papa’s bed. They were laughing lots, talking, giggling. And after 45 minutes, I figured they didn’t need a nap. Thirty minutes later, MrG was sitting on the sofa, almost falling asleep and starting to slump over, but would awake with a jolt. I picked him up, he yelled “I’m awake”. I agreed, set him down, reassured him he wasn’t laying down, only leaning on the pillow. Within ten minutes he was asleep. MsS was snuggling on her mommy’s lap, and fell asleep there. After a bit, MrCuddles woke, but he just wanted to cuddle, and he fell asleep on my chest.

And that’s how I watched two episodes of “The Amazing Race”


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