TV favorites

My television viewing favorites through the ages

  • When a smile child, growing up in Missouri, I believe there was a show called “Grape Ape”, or maybe that was a character in a cartoon. Anyway, my mommy made me a T-shirt with Grape Ape on it, and I loved it.
  • Also, I loved the show Grizzly Adams. It made we want to grow up and live the pioneer lifestyle.
  • Later, I was very excited when there where mini-series, such as “Shogun”.
  • In elementary school, I remember enjoying “Star Blazers” it would be on in the indoor play area when I showed up at school.
  • Moonlighting and Miami Vice were alright, but by far Remington Steele was the best.
  • in college… StarTrek the next generation, and then X-files was a big social event.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Veronica Mars
  • Lost…originally, then it bored me, then I was curious on the wrap up, but figured out they had no plan and glad it finished
  • and currently, The Walking Dead

2 Responses to “TV favorites”

  1. :-jon Says:

    I forgot, Red Dwarf.

  2. :-jon Says:

    …oh….and Black Adder

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