to down the town

MsSqueaky’s first words this morning, after MrGrunty went back into their room to turn on the lights, because he thought that he heard MrCuddles.

Ms S – “Grunty, do you want to go to down the town and ride on the carousel? OK lets get ready to go.”

MrGrunty turned to me, “Papa! Cuddles is awake”

So, we rode the crowded bus down town, were very cold on the freezing (28F) carousel. Then, we did something I hadn’t done before, we rode the monorail.

And back home by lunchtime. I think they had fun riding the different modes of transportation, we’ll see if they keep talking about it.

Right now, MrCuddles is going around the house, looking for something, looking under the couch, “I-doe-know.  Where are dey?”

MrGrunty is reading a book on the sofa, counting pages, and reciting the letters.

MsSqueaky is packing stuffed animals into her baby stroller.


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