neighbors in Missouri

So, talking to my mom tonight, she confirmed, from the house to the main dirt road took about five minutes, and evidently we were renting a house on about 100 acres of property. There was a big field, there were woods behind that. Once, I sneaked a saw into the woods and wanting to be a lumberjack cut a small tree down. The tree was pro’lly only six inch trunk, and it took me all afternoon. That ended my lumberjack career. I was pro’lly in 2nd grade.

In those woods, were deer, or so I was led to believe. Once, my dad went hunting with some of his friends, and I got to tag along. It was boring. Which ended my hunter career.

To one side of, was a family with many boys, most of them older than me. And one of the things they would do for fun, is in the summer time, make javelins out of a dried out plant (similar stalk to a sunflower…maybe that’s what it was, I don’t remember), and of course, being boys, have battles and throw them at each other. I was allowed to play once, and was very excited, but didn’t really know the rules, and was told to stay in the fort, which was a bunch of plywood leaned up against a shed. Luckily, I was curious, and somehow realized that enemies can approach from three dimensions, and climbed up to the roof of the shed, to see that one of the enemy was approaching! I warned my team, and they were happy. Later, at dinner, I discovered, that not everyone’s mom cooks as good as my mom.

To another side of us, even further down the road, was another family that sometimes I would hang out with. Once, when the bus was taking us home from school, winter, snow all over, our bus crashed into another bus. And being close to these guys, I got to walk to their house, and wait there for my parents to pick me up. Once, when we were hanging out there, the kids built a big bonfire, which still smoldered the next morning.

And near the end of my 2nd grade year, we moved to Tacoma. Everybody back in school in Missouri kept asking me if I was going to see the president, because that’s what Washington meant to them.  (Funny, I hear, pretty much, most the rest of the country still doesn’t know about Washington State.)


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