South Tacoma friends

We moved back to Tacoma…not sure why. My dad says he was tired of the snow, (he grew up in Wisconsin).

Across the street from us, was the only kid in the neighborhood that I hung out with. Maybe because we both were dorky in our interests, and terribly nonathletic, or maybe we just got to know each other because our parents hung out with each other.

We would play with Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys, and, being boys quickly figured out which ones were the most dangerous. We would craft bows, and daggers and fight amongst ourselves, quietly, because we didn’t want to get in trouble. I remember once, I had the Tinker Toy bow, strung with a huge rubber band, and as a kid was diving across the room, I released, and the arrow hit the kid in the face. Good shot! Quickly all the other kids had to hush the kid who was crying. I don’t remember getting caught for that.

When we were outside, we’d usually just play army, using green pine cones for hand grenades.

At one point, I transferred from Fern Hill Elementary-which was 100 yards away, to Stanley Elementary. I don’t know why, my parents said something about being a better school…and thus I rode the bus. As I mentioned above, I didn’t really hang out with neighborhood kids, and all my school friends were in a different part of town, so my already minimal social life dwindled even more. I don’t think I really minded, except one time when I was challenging local kids to a soccer game, and I was trying to get my school friends there, they all said they would, but only one showed up. The local kids didn’t even show. And that SHOULD have ended my career as an event organizer, but that was a lesson that would take me decades to learn.


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