Stanley orchestra

I should have mentioned, I was in Cub  Scouts back when I went to Fern Hill. I don’t really remember much, except me & my dad went on a father & son day trip to Mt Rainier, that I loved doing. I don’t remember to much, just that it’s a happy memory. I also remember there was some big hoopla event, and I couldn’t find the necktie for my uniform, and there was stress and yelling…and when I got home, funny enough, I found it under the blankets in my room.

So…4th grade, the orchestra teacher came to the class, talked about orchestra, demonstrated some instruments… and captivated by the sounds, I went home and announced to my parents that I was going to be in the orchestra and they needed to get an instrument for me. They were shocked. They weren’t musical, none of their friends were. And thus, not knowing the better way to do things, they purchased a 3/4 size violin for me for my birthday. They should have rented, boys grow, and sometimes kids lose interest.

In orchestra, I met Miriam, who even at that age, was very quiet and mature. I think she was my first friend that was a girl. (Funny enuff, I hear from a 5th grade friend, who still plays clarinet & we’ve taken the childrens to see, that Miriam refuses to be on TheFacebook.)  A few times I went over to her house after school. She would play piano or organ. We were in orchestra and choir together, and even had the same violin teacher. Miriam was much, much more serious about study of music, and I suspect by 7th grade, she was a better musician than I’ll ever be.

Miriam was also, standing right by me for my best athletic achievement of elementary school. The fourth grade classes played soccer every recess. I swear there was a “championship” ever week. When I first got there, maybe I was told to be outgoing, so I was going into the scrum, kicking widely at the ball with a gaggle of kids. One of the cool kids was mocking my skill & unstylish shoes, and cursing my kicking his ankles, and yelled “watch out with those whomper-stompers”.  After that, I think I sort of would just wander around, talking with friends, Miriam being one of them, and one day, we happened to be in the goal box, someone yelled, and I reflexively ducked, but put up my left arm to guard my face, and BLOCKED THE BALL!!   I was hero for the day!

I do think I got their money’s worth out of that violin, I played in school orchestra until 7th grade.


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