5th grade band

No…I wasn’t in band. But 5th grade came along, and most of my friends picked up band instruments, be it trombone, drums, clarinet, flute. Even Miriam picked up French Horn, in addition to choir, violin, piano & organ.

I was put in a “special” class in 5th grade. Not sure why. Somebody thought I was “gifted”, and it set me up for a life of hanging out with kids who were probably smarter and definitely harder working than me, and set me on the “pre-college” track. Years later one of my friends, a bit bitter about the experience, said, “They told us we were ‘the shit’, and we foolishly believed them.” And thus, by a fluke of luck of geography, (where I was, who I hung out with, what I was exposed to), much like J.Diamond’s “Guns, Germs & Steel” but on a personal level, I got on the track of having a decent life economically.

Now, one of the coolest thing ever from 5th & 6th grade, a few of us were at a counter in back of the room. Somebody knocked a pair of scissors off the counter, and verily I say unto you, they landed, point in between two pieces of tile, standing up totally perpendicular to the floor. The group of us were in silent awe, and wanted to make a shrine, knowing that once the scissors were moved, it would be over. And naturally, some one who wasn’t there, saw us, thought we were faking it, pulled the scissors out of the floor, and couldn’t duplicate the event. It was awesome.


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