crazy in Canada

6th grade, we took a field trip. To Canada. I’m sure we had plenty of parents that went along with us, but thinking back, or thinking ahead, I’m not sure the educational benefits out weigh the risks of taking a bunch of tweens to a foreign country.

I think we sold candy to raise funds. At one point, I was fairly decent for harassing the neighbors and members of my church for buying stuff from me.

I also believe we rode the HMS Princess Marguerite. It was a beautiful, early 20th century boat, big enough for cars, and lots of places for kids to run around and explore, after they had spent all their quarters on PacMan. One of my favorite memories, coming back to Seattle, late at night, standing at the bow of the ship, wind and mist in my face, and reciting a bit of Little House On the Prairie, “Mid castles and palaces we may roam, Be it ever so humble there’s no place like home!” to a friend, who evidently hadn’t been paying attention whilst Ms G was reading the story, because he thought I made it up.

We slept in a gymnasium.

I loved the wax museum.

…six years later, for our High School Sr Trip, we took a day trip to Canada. Where, it was actually legal for some of the kids to buy alcohol, though they signed a piece of paper saying they wouldn’t. It wasn’t nearly as fun the second time, though I still liked the wax museum, and I still liked standing at the bow during the return voyage.

…and maybe 10 years after that, when MyBetterHalf and I were dating…we went.  I got a bit grumpy one day, because I skipped breakfast and in was past lunch time. The wax museum was, alright.

I could say, the moral of the story is if you go somewhere as a kid, don’t go back as an adult. Except I enjoyed Disney Land more each time I went…first time was with my parents. And we all know how boring parents can be. Most recent time, was right after we got married.


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