Hunt Jr High

They asked us kids, and of course our parents, which Jr High School we wanted to attend. Some of my friends picked Foss, maybe because of the “gifted”  program they had their. I think that’s why I chose it.

However, I found that signing up for a class doesn’t mean you’ll get it. And I was not in the SAIL program like I wanted to be, like some of my friends were. There must have been some mix up or mistake. (Or, twenty years of hind-sight later, maybe my 6th grade teacher didn’t recommend me! Oh-my!!)  But, for some reason, I knew that if you had a plan, talked a good game, said the right things, you could get your schedule changed. AND, that you could get required classes waived. (For instance, 7th grade was the last time I ever had PE.)

I remember, meeting my friend Kris, standing in the office, we both wanted our class schedule changed. And, she and I would have the exact same class schedule for the next four years. (Kris would grow up to be a professor of medicine. )

I took German, because I wanted to be an army officer, and, they didn’t offer Russian, so there was a chance I’ld be stationed in Germany (as my dad was).

I took orchestra, not really because I liked it, but thought I should, since my parents bought me a violin.  (I would grow to love it.)

Math, Science, English, History. All on the “college track” / “gifted” grouping.


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