first snow of 2011

It was Monday, yesterday, Jan 10th…

MsSqueaky woke up, shuffled her feet out of their bedroom and first words to me were, “Papa, I say in my bed all night!” Which, is a good thing to be encouraged, the childrens have often been crawling into mommy & papa’s bed around 4AM.  The other kids were still sleeping, so we had a bit of father and daughter time. We played with a drawing game, and then we read a book, then we got paper and traced our hands and colored the pictures brightly.

MrGrunty got up, and when he found that mommy left already, he started screaming “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!”

MyBetterHalf believes it’s because MrG only wants to see her make silly faces at the window.

MrCuddles, is in love with our kitties. He will say in high pitched voice, slowly, “Hi kitty” and get his face close to theirs. MrC was saying that to Mr Oliver-kitty, who was busy watching the snow. Oliver then swatted MrC on the head.  A few minutes later, all was forgiven, and MrC was getting in Oliver’s face again, this time I pulled the boy away.

Since it was snowing, MrG & MsS kept jumping around, yelling, “I wanna play in the snow”. But they didn’t want to waste time with coats or boots. After finally I got them ready, and out the door. MrG and MsS were very happy to make foot prints on our lawn. MrCuddles, whose last memory of snow involved him falling face down in it, stood on the steps, yelling out to his siblings, “Swee-ey! Cuddles! Come here!”


One Response to “first snow of 2011”

  1. heathercim Says:

    He probably was yelling Grunty than Cuddles, I think. ;-D

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